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Nov. 18th, 2015


Saigo mo Yappari Kimi Shop version

I didn't get my cd yet, but my lovely sister allow me to rip her cd and share it here :)

download here

special credit to : immi76

please feel free to use it for subbing.  ( Please!! coz' we really wanna know what they are talking about lol)

Jul. 8th, 2015



Just got my cd :) and wanna share

Tama version : download

Taipi version : download
special credit to : immi76

please feel free to use it for subbing.
( pleaseeeeeeeeee!!!  cuz' I really wanna know what they are talking about lol)

Apr. 30th, 2015


The Alucard Show

The Alucard Show 2014 dvd


Apr. 29th, 2015


wagamama - Nissy

sorry for not updating for a long time
busy with many stuffs :(

anyway, I used to tell that I will share nissy's cd + dvd  so here you are

wagamama - Nissy


Apr. 1st, 2015


Araki Hirofumi - Next Stage

Finally released!!!

Download link : Next Stage // No Way
**edit : changed link**

Enjoy!! and please support him!!!

ps. I'm really proud of him :)

Mar. 17th, 2015


Happy Birthday Tama-chan

well.. long time no see
sorry for not updating :(
I'm quite busy with my work
but today is special day
so I just wanna say "Happy Birthday To Tama-chan!!"


this is my second year that I celebrate his birthday with lovely friends/sisters :)
hope I can see their real concert this year... ah.. Let's pray for that T.T

Feb. 1st, 2015


January Summary

Whoa~ Time passing by so fast ,
Finally, it's the end of January
Well, this month I didnt do anything much but work hard >.<
Yeah a bit sad but still good that there is some job for freelance translator like me lol!!

Ok.. Let's talk about other things

-- about kis-my-ft2 --
Yeah~ seem like someone have already got kis-my-journey dvd concert
i'll wait for mine too !! XD i wanna see tama's solo the most
Hehe so.. That's why ;p
But yeah this time it seem like every version have special content
So i wanna see it all anyway..
(Just hope that this year, i will have a chance to see their real concert)

Ah and i watched Tama's new drama "zeni no sensou" already
Ok even if tama is cameo but still good drama that i enjoy watching it (dont know why but i feel a bit similar as i feel when watching hanzawa naoki.. Maybe becoz of their tone of drama.. I think)

-- about HSJ --
Yeah yeh i also ordered jump smart concert too
The package is so good!! I really like it n think it matched with them a lot
Still didnt finish watching "onmyoya" drama
But already finish watching 3th round for "sprout"
Ah maybe bcoz i like this kind of "high school love" so much
So i can re-watch it

-- about johnny's jr--
Well.. I wanna see johnny's countdown but seem like they didnt released dvd this year .. So bad >.<~
Wanna see yasui-kun
But since i didnt have time much, i also didnt watch SC n Gamushara
So sad

-- about d-date --
Ah well i'm so happy to see "arayan" solo!!!
I wanna see what kind of music will he release
And i cant deny that nowadays, his style got influenced by yuya matsushita since they seem so close after playing same musical
Lol that's good for me coz i like them both lol
Have to wait n see how it's gonna be

-- about other--
Well, i bought nissy single "dou shouga " n " wagamama" already
N also "alucard" cd


So if someone want it, just tell me so i can upload it ok?

Nov. 30th, 2014


Kurofuku Monogatari Yasui cut

Kurofuku Monogatari Yasui cut

kuro2 yasui cut.mp4_000117725

Episode 2 : here

kuro 3 cut.mp4_000131852

Episode 3 : here

dodekara kurofuto - yasui.mp4_000145846

Dodekara Kurofuto : here

credit : naver


141102 / 141109 Gamushara

141102 Gamushara.mp4_000772680
141102 Gamushara
Download : 01 // 02 // 03

141109 Gamushara.mp4_000002374

141109 Gamushara

Download : here

credit : dailymotion

Nov. 24th, 2014


141029 SC + News

will come back upload some yasui clip, after didn't update & upload for a while
sorry about that.. but I'm super busy!!

141029ザ少年倶楽部-ROCK U.ts_000125949

Read more...Collapse )

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